Berries throughout the day


"Eating porridge has never been the same since exploring these powders"

Sea buckthorn porridge

Home made sea bucthorn and buckwheat granola

Overnight oats with chia seeds

Three layered smoothie

Gluten free pancakes with berry mousse

Natural yogurt with blueberry twist

Berry porridge


"Arctic Berry powders are the easiest way to make sure my kids get their daily vitamins"

Beetroot smoothie with apples and cranberry powder

Blackcurrant smoothie

Green breakfast smoothie

Smooth avocado smoothie

Chocolate mint smoothie

Banana blueberry smoothie

"I'm a big fan of this powder. Awesome on granola and yogurt or porridge, as well as in my morning smoothie!"

Orange, carrot, kiwi fruit & fresh ginger smoothie

Nutty banana and mango smoothie

Cranberry, blueberry & sea buckthorn smoothie

Blackcurrant nana ice cream


Blackcurrant and coconut popsicles

Berry chia pudding cups

Mixed berry popsicles

"I was off sugar for a month and thanks to your powders, I still got to enjoy delicious meals"

Mixed berry snack balls

Blackcurrant and lingonberry nana ice cream

Vegetarian lunch quiche

Blueberry tahini aioli (oil free)


Blueberry pancakes

Miniature raw vegan cheesecake

Marbled blueberry bundt cake

Lemon cake with blueberry frosting

Chilled berry cheesecake

Mini vanilla cheesecakes with berry powder and matcha

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Watch a video of how to make Banana bread with healthy blueberry frosting! Recipe & video by Nadia's Healthy Kitchen

Another step by step video of making cacao coconut blueberry chocolates by Nadia's Healthy Kitchen

Watch a video of how to make healthy ice cream with blackcurrant drizzle. Recipe & video by Nadia's Healthy Kitchen


You can also use the berry powders in desserts, toppings, cakes, food decoration, snacking on the go... The options are endless. 

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