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Coconut and sea buckthorn chocolate 

Arctic Power Berries recipe review by Content Magazine

"Our love affair with cacao continues with this recipe, courtesy of Arctic Power Berries. Can you blame us? The look of this home made raw chocolate made with coconut and organic sea buckthorn powder alone is enough to make us drop our plans for the evening and get busy in the kitchen! Read the review and find the recipe here


Raw blueberry and passionfruit cheesecake 

Recipe by a health foodie - The Gluten Free Food Diary

"Being the health foodie that I am, I've long since been aware of various superfood powders on the market. However, something I've only just discovered are the amazing 'berry powders' on offer. It seems that here in the UK, we're way behind the Finnish in harnessing the natural goodness of wild berries. Luckily, the people over at Arctic Power Berries have got us covered. Find the recipe here

Arctic Power Berries - Review by Natural Nomad  

A product review from a health specialist.

"I’ve been using the dried berry powders from Arctic Power Berries  for a while now, and they are one of the easiest products to incorporate into my diet. I therefore felt that it was about time to share their benefits with all of you – I only ever review products that I use and love myself, and these are certainly... Read the full review

My pantry & travel essential - the superfood sprinkle

Tuulia Talvio 25th February 2015

"Our kitchen cupboards are always full of different kinds of packets, bags, jars and containers. No matter how many cupboards I have, I always succeed in filling them with all sorts of ingredients and cooking equipment. Even though those messy cupboards and all the stuff that accidentally flies across the kitchen annoys me every now and then, I like the fact...  Read the post here

Arctic Power Berries make Finland's natural treats travel  

Good News From Finland 26th June 2014

For someone who has grown up in the Finnish Lapland, the big city berries don’t quite cut it. Two now-Londoners born and bred in Lapland, Anna Ojutkangas and Eve Suoyrjö weren’t happy with the blueberries brought from Uruguay in tiny and costly packages; they wanted something... Read the full article

Iron clad your health with Arctic Power Berries

Indigo Memoirs 24th February 2015

"We know that berries are the ultimate antioxidant but due to their seasonal nature, getting a good dose of berry based vitamins can be a challenge. In fact who are we kidding? Between the commute, late nights and convenience foods getting our five a day is somewhat of a myth. Anna and Eveliina, the Finnish masterminds behind Arctic Power Berries have found a way to revolutionize our eating habits. Read the full article 

Suomalaiset marjajauheet maistuvat maailmalla  

Yle Uutiset, Oulu 16th of July 2014

Unfortunately this article is only available in Finnish. Lontoossa opiskelevat Eveliina Suoyrjö ja Anna Ojutkangas pakkasivat kolmen vuoden ajan jokaisella Suomen vierailullaan matkalaukkunsa täyteen kotimaisia marjajauheita. Kaksikon ruokavalion kulmakivestä syntyi liikeidea - nyt Pohjois-Suomessa valmistettuja marjajauheita nautitaan aamupalapöydässä Uudessa- Seelannissa asti.  Read the full article

Berry flour gives Arctic Power - London Met Accelerator

London Met University News, 2nd of May 2014

A pair of Finnish student at London Metropolitan University are set for entrepreneurial success after setting up a business importing traditional Finnish ingredients. Sports Therapy student Anna Ojutkangas and Fashion Marketing student Eveliina Suoyrjo secured a place in Accelerator... Read the full article


Finnish superfoods Arctic Power Berries come to the UK market 

Finnish - British Chamber of commerce 30 June 2014

Arctic Power Berries was established by two Finnish girls, Anna Ojutkangas and Eve Suoyrjö, when they realized a serious lack of blueberries on the market. Being of Lappish origin, girls had high standards for the berries and brought them in the form of powders every time they travelled to Finland. They then realized business potential in this... Read the full article